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Please download and fill out the application to apply for financing.  We  have multiple lending institutions that we deal with in order to get you the best rate.


We do offer financing to out -of-state customers.

By signing and submitting your application, you are agreeing that Adventure Time RV can submit your information to as many as 3 institutions in order to insure the best financing rates and options.  Your rates and options will vary based on your credit rating. 


Please make sure you fill out the application completely or the process will be delayed.When you have completed the application, please email it to

We will also need a copy of all applicants' Driver's Licenses.  You can email, text or fax to:   Email:  Text:  618.201.6108  Fax: 618.207.3921

If for any reason you have trouble downloading and emailing us the application, please use the link below to take you to an on-line form to fill in and submit. 






You can use the calculator and rate chart to approximate your payments.

Download & Print Loan Application
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